ASP.NET is a web programming platform developed by Microsoft. It is the successor to Active Server Pages. The term "classic ASP" is often used to distinguish previous versions of Active Server Pages with the .NET (pronounced "dot net") versions.

This wikibook is an introduction to ASP.NET. It assumes no prior experience with web programming or with any particular web programming language or platform (including classic ASP), though we will often compare ways of doing things in ASP.NET with ways of doing them in other languages, especially PHP. We believe the differences between classic ASP and ASP.NET are substantial enough to merit separate treatment.

Getting Started edit

About the ASP.NET Language
Your First Page
Building Your First ASP.NET Page
Examining The Page Structure
Examining ASP.NET's Page Structure
Adding A Little Interactivity

Adding Some Interactivity edit

So far, we haven't done anything we couldn't have done much more easily with straight HTML and a bit of CSS. But we have to start with the basics and work up, as in any subject.

Advanced Topics edit

A Quick Summary edit