Autodesk Vault Programmer's Cookbook

Introduction edit

When an administrator starts working with Autodesk Vault, they run into quite unusual client-server logic. For programmers it's even more hard to understand how API really works. Autodesk, no offense.
But after a little time later all becomes much clear and easy. Remembering those days, I tried to comprehend Vault, at now I'd like to make easy way for others to start working with Vault.
I beg your pardon, but I'll be using PowerShell language mainly, for some reasons:

  1. This is .Net language, so code could be easy translated to any other .NET language: C#, C++ VB.NET, JScript .NET, etc., or even one code could be embedded to other.
  2. The code is extremely short - you can get very illustrative wonderful program in just several lines of code.
  3. PS is interpreted language, you just store it in text and can easy change to create fork.
  4. PS is command line language and you can build object conveyors - this benefits could be useful in administration.

All code available on GitHub. So, let's start! Approximate TOC you can see below. Links to articles will be continuously updated.

Table of Contents edit


This book applies to version 2014 and 2015 of Autodesk Vault.

  1. Autodesk Vault API basics
    1. API structure 
    2. PowerShell basics 
    3. Objects of Vault 
    4. Methods of Vault API services 
  2. Login
    1. Log in to Vault 
    2. Log out from Vault 
    3. Windows authentication 
    4. Read-only access 
  3. Groups 
    1. Get groups information
    2. Adding groups
    3. Changing groups
    4. Updating groups
  4. Users 
  5. Vaults 
  6. Files 
  7. Folders 
  8. Items 
  9. BOMs 
  10. Change orders 
  11. Properties 
  12. Categories 
  13. Job Processor 
  14. Lifecycles 
  15. Versions 
  16. Revisions 
  17. Custom objects 

Regards edit

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