Lua Functional Programming

This book is about the Lua programming language, inspired by and based on Paul Graham's work On Lisp. You should be familiar with the Lua language. Familiarity with the Lisp language is recommended but not required (I'm not too familiar with it myself but I've read introductory tutorials before and On Lisp does a pretty good job of explaining in English what the code snippets do).

On Lisp is an advanced Lisp tutorial showing the reader Lisp programming best practices. Lisp is a language suited for functional programming.

The purpose of this book is to investigate whether Lua can be used for similar functional programming tasks as Lisp, and whether Lua might actually be a "better" Lisp. To do that I've attempted to duplicate (in Lua) all the code snippets featured in On Lisp, among other things.

The chapters here have a one-to-one correspondence with On Lisp, wherever possible.

On the side note, the Lua Programming language is used in the creations of add-ons for the ever popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

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