Deving The XGameStation

The XGameStation (XGS for short), a one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself game console, was created by André Lamothe. In this book we hope to teach the user of this system to develop for it both in hardware and software. However, this book does not aim to teach what is already found in the XGS eBook. That means this book will not talk about subjects such as the design of the system itself. Instead, the book will focus on things like:

Writing a Keyboard Driver
Building an interface to NES Gamepads
Playing songs using the built-in hardware
Developing a card for use in the Expansion Slot

Table of Contents

Hardware Deving

  • Wiring up some LEDs
  • Home-Made Tone Generator
  • Hooking up other Joysticks/Controllers (NES?)
  • Interfacing with LCDs

Software Deving

  • Creating Your First Program
  • Making it play a tone
  • Advanced use of Sound Hardware
  • Programming the SRAM Hardware
  • Programming the Joystick Hardware
  • Programming the Video Hardware