Alcor6L is a simple-to-use multi-language interactive programming environment that runs on a variety of embedded hardware devices.

It runs programs in:

and in development:

on cheap 32-bit single-board computers:

  • The Mizar32 models A and B by, available from
  • LM3S and STM32 ARM boards

The source code is available from:

Compiled firmware images can be downloaded from:

and it has a mailing list at!forum/alcor6l

This wikibook is a work-in progress to produce its reference manual and tutorial.

Platform modules edit

eLua has: ADC Bit CPU eLua I2C Ethernet Pack Platform-data PIO PWM SPI Terminal Timers UART LCD RTC can

PicoC has:

PicoLisp has: Platform-data eLua Terminal LCD PWM CPU SPI I2C