This module is an interface to the core system and services of eLua.



Save the interpreter line history. Only available if linenoise is enabled, check here for details.

(elua-save-history 'filename)
  • filename - the name of the file where the history will be saved. CAUTION: the file will be overwritten.

Returns: NIL.


Returns the current eLua version as a string


Returns: the eLua version currently running.


This PicoLisp function can be used to execute an eLua shell command from within your PicoLisp session. NOTE: The shell command 'picolisp' is not permitted in non-interactive mode.

(elua-shell 'command)
  • command: The name of the command you wish to execute from your PicoLisp session.

Returns: The command name if command exists, else NIL.