The Erlang Twist on Web Frameworks

Erlyweb is an open-source web application framework written in Erlang and released under the GPL. ErlyWeb was created by Yariv Sadan. It builds upon Yariv's earlier modules that he created for Erlang: Smerl (Simple Metaprogramming for Erlang), ErlyDB (a database abstraction layer for Erlang), and ErlTL (a templating language that compiles to Erlang).

The code is available at Google Code.

Currently, several sites have been built using ErlyWeb:

  • BeerRiot - a community site for reviewing beers.
  • Vimagi - a community site for painting. Uses comet so that people can paint on the same canvas at the same time.

Table of Contents edit

  1. Why Erlang?
  2. Getting Started with ErlTL
  3. ErlyDB
  4. Controllers
  5. MVC - how requests are handled in ErlyWeb
  6. Yaws
  7. Maintenance