Learning Python 3 with the Linkbot

This is a conversion of the Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 3 to include examples using the Barobo Linkbot; a modular robot designed for teaching math and programming.


Contributors to this book
Installation and Setup
Installing and setting up the required software
A brief introduction
Hello, World (With Linkbots! Change a Linkbot's LED color)
The famous first program – screen output – variables – numbers and calculations
Who Goes There? (With Linkbots! Move a Linkbot's motor)
Interactive input – strings
Count to 10 (With Linkbots! Play some notes with the Linkbot's buzzer)
while loops
Decisions (With Linkbots! Move a 2-wheeled Linkbot forwards and backwards)
if statements
Linkbot Multitasking (Make a Linkbot do multiple things at once)
Program flow
Finding out what goes wrong
Defining Functions (With Linkbots! Move and beep a 2-wheeled Linkbot with functions)
Structuring programs with the use of functions
Advanced Functions Example
(Almost) mind-blowing example of how programmers can think
Lists (With Linkbots! Play a song with the Linkbot's buzzer)
Variables containing more than one value
For Loops (With Linkbots! Play a range of notes with the Linkbot's buzzer)
A second kind of loop
Boolean Expressions (How to use a Linkbot's accelerometer)
Computer logic – True and False – and and or – not
Dictionaries (Storing note values in a dictionary to play on a Linkbot)
Variables containing key/value pairs
Using Modules
Extensions to the standard set of functionality
More on Lists
Using elements or parts of lists
Revenge of the Strings
More advanced text manipulations
File IO
Reading from files and writing to files
Dealing with the imperfect
How to handle errors
Recursive Functions
Intro to Object Oriented Programming in Python 3 (Extend the Linkbot class for more functionality)
Basics of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
Intro to Imported Libraries and other Functions
Basic functions from various libraries.
The End
How to go further
Some frequently asked questions