Developing Genealogy Web-Pages

This book is designed to cover a variety of separate topics that a genealogist should be familiar with as a means to document the stories and store related images about their family tree. This book is not written to show a genealogist how to prepare and present their GEDCOM information, rather to supplement this information in a way that will be valuable to future generations.


Don't let this information scare you away.
Some of it looks complicated, but if you stick with it ...
You'll find that it is really very easy to manage.

This process will work on non-PC computers. HTML files are specific Internet-based files that the browsers were created to read. The folders, filenames, and image types are all the same from machine to machine.

The only variation here will be what program you use to edit the HTML (.htm or .html) files. On a PC, I use and recommend Notepad which is included with Microsoft Windows.

After saying all this, this book is not designed to teach HTML, but to teach those pieces of Internet-design that will be useful to a genealogist preparing to document their family history on the Internet.

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