Python 3: working with files and digital assets

Photo taken at Spangsbjerghaven
Photo taken at Spangsbjerghaven

Working with files and digital assets Edit

Notes Edit

This is a new project for me, and is subject to change. This is the current outline for the book.

Content Edit

  1. Preface

Preliminaries Edit

  1. Setup of Python 3
  2. Jupyter and Python 3
  3. Working with Git

Working with: Edit

Files & directories in general Edit

  1. Downloading files
  2. Hashing of files
  3. Traversal of a directory
  4. Compressed files

Audio files Edit

Animations Edit

Image files Edit

  1. EXIF data

Video files Edit

Assistence by machine learning with: Edit

  1. Introduction to machine learning
  2. Frameworks
  3. Preliminaries for the book

Boundary Boxes Edit

Classification Edit

Resources Edit

  1. Appendices
  2. Additionals

Footnotes Edit