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Welcome to the Computer software bookshelf. This bookshelf is for computing with software. It has software guides and operating systems guides (including Linux). See also Category:Shelf:Computer software.

The following is a list of all computer-related bookshelves:

General guides

See also Wikibooks:Information technology bookshelf#General guides

Application guides

See also: Category:Shelf:Computer software

Apple software

Computer-aided translation

Graphics and video software

See also: Category:Shelf:3D graphics software

Blender 3D is a cross-platform, open source 3D modeling and animation package. It can be used to create photo-realistic images, animated films, CGI special effects and computer games. This book provides an excellent collection of tutorials to help you learn to model, render, rig, animate, and create with Blender 3D. You will be turned from a newbie to a pro in minutes!

Office applications

See also: Category:Shelf:Office suites

Web server and authoring

See also: Category:Shelf:Web applications

Web-based systems

See also: Category:Shelf:Web applications

Networking and file sharing

Operating system guides

See also: Category:Shelf:Operating systems


See also: Category:Shelf:UNIX


Linux Distributions

Knoppix is a Linux distribution that runs completely from a CD or DVD. There is no need for installation—it bypasses installed software and automatically detects hardware.

Microsoft Windows

Other systems

Middleware guides

Web frameworks

Guides for minor (small user base) applications

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) books

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