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GENERAL GUIDESThe Computer Revolution25% developed  as of unknownCalling Tech Support75% developed  as of April 22, 2006Reverse Engineering50% developed  as of April 22, 2006SECURITYCERTIFICATIONA+ Certification50% developed  as of April 22, 2006AQA Information and Communication Technology25% developed  as of unknownCCNA Certification0% developed  as of Aug 2, 2006GCSE Short Course ICT0% developed  as of January 11, 2005LPI Linux Certification25% developed  as of unknownNetwork+SCDJWS25% developed  as of unknownWeblogs:An Introduction0% developed  as of 01. Aug 2005HARDWAREHow To Assemble A Desktop PC100% developed  as of unknownComputer Hardware25% developed  as of unknownEmulation25% developed  as of unknownWIRELESSUMTS0% developed  as of March 8, 2007Wifi25% developed  as of unknownWireless Mesh Networks0% developed  as of March 1, 2007Wireless Mesh Sensors0% developed  as of March 2, 2007SERIAL COMMUNICATIONSHistory of Serial Communications0% developed  as of unknownSerial Programming50% developed  as of unknownUSB Technical Manual25% developed  as of unknownCOMPUTER SOFTWARE BOOKSHELFICT4D BOOKSThe Information Age 75% developedGenes, Technology and Policy 75% developedICT in Education 75% developedE-government 75% developedE-Commerce and E-Business 75% developedInternet Governance 75% developedLegal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy 75% developedNets, Webs and the Information Infrastructure 75% developedInformation and Communication Technologies for Poverty Alleviation 75% developed

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Welcome to the Information and Communication technology bookshelf. On this shelf you can find textbooks on IT certification, computer hardware, and ICT topics.

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