AQA Information and Communication Technology

This book is a textbook intended to aid the study of an A-Level student sitting the AQA Information and Communication Technology course. It is written based on the 2005 specification, although certain aspects may change in later specifications.

Although AQA specific, most areas will also be capable of being used in other ICT courses set by other boards.

AS level edit

  • Module ICT1 (Information: Nature, Role and Context)
  • Module ICT2 (Information: Management and Manipulation)
  • Module ICT3 (Coursework: The Use of Generic Application Software for Task Solution)

A2 level edit

  • Module ICT4 (Information Systems Within Organisations)
  • Module ICT5 (Information: Policy, Strategy and Systems)
  • Module ICT6 (Coursework: Use of Information Systems for Problem Solving)

External resources edit

AQA have an extensive website. The GCE AS/A Information & Communication Technology section contains the ICT specification, as well as the back catalogue of past papers, which are invaluable revision aids.

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