An Introduction to Weblogs

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Introduction to Weblogs
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This wikibook is designed for use by candidates studying for Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Unit No. DN8111: Weblogs. The unit specification can be downloaded from the SQA web site.

The unit is designed to enable candidates to locate, use and create weblogs (“blogs”) and provide candidates with an opportunity to explore the applications of blogs, create blogs and track blogs using aggregation tools.


Locating and reviewing weblogsEdit

  1. Historical development of weblogs
  2. Weblog providers
  3. High Quality Blogs
  4. Evaluating Blogs
  5. Blog Uses

Creating a blog to perform a specific information taskEdit

  1. Purpose and Target
  2. Utilizing Blog Creation Tools
  3. Readership
  4. Keeping Current
  5. Blogs as Information

Tracking selected blogsEdit

  1. Generating Newsfeeds
  2. Aggregating Newsfeeds
  3. Personal Newsfeeds