An Introduction to Weblogs/Blog Uses

Common uses of blogs Edit

The potential uses of blogs are almost limitless. They can be used for anything that involves communicating or publishing information on the World Wide Web. Common uses include teaching and educational and corporate use.

According to Silkblogs:

“A blog is a means of sharing thoughts and ideas with the world

. Your blog can be a personal diary, a project collaboration tool, a guide, or any means of communicating and publishing information on the web. Its uses are as limitless as your imagination.”

Blogs in teaching Edit

Blogs can be used in teaching, e.g.:

There is an interesting matrix of educational uses at:

There's also a good workshop/tutorial for teachers learning about blogging. See Getting Started with Blogging in Education.

Blogs in project management Edit

Blogs can also be used to manage projects, e.g.:

Corporate blogs Edit

There are a variety of corporate uses for blogs. See:

How to restore the knowledge about education and so on....for long term . Edit

Hello all who ever is reading this blog....

Main aim of this blog is to create awareness among the students who are facing the problem of dyslexia especially.

Here I'm posting something to the best of my knowledge .I suggest to go through once whatever the content may be and in your next reading or writing you are supposed to know the areas of your weaknesses.

And try to workout or grab the things that make you worry, lacking of interest .Try to handle in a simpler way.For example : if a task is given to you to write an essay question in 500 words . The focus should be not on 500 words it all should be how far you knew about that particular question.If you don't know first understand the question, then simplify in short frames and practice till your done. Then everything will happen accordingly.only thing one should think about is your Focus,Desperation,Creative mind.The work becomes simple and smooth.

Train your mind to leads to creativity.