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The social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that study the human aspects of the world. They diverge from the Wikibooks:Art bookshelf and Wikibooks:Humanities bookshelf in that the social sciences emphasize the use of the scientific method and rigorous standards of evidence in the study of humanity.


Anthropology is the study of human cultures of the past and the present. It incorporates many other scientific disciplines such as biology, geography, history and psychology. There are four main categories of anthropology as listed below:


Communication Theory is about transmitting information from one person to another and the ways in which individuals and groups use the technologies of communication.


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Political Science

UK Constitution and Government is the perfect introduction for high school lessons on UK government. It is also a quick guide for people of other nations to get some insight into the arcane governance of the UK with its powerless head of state and all powerful House of Commons.



Agriculture and Husbandry