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The Science: The Evolution of the Human Brain · How Women Select Men · How Men Select Women · How Our Ancestors Lived · Monogamy and Polygamy · Hormones · Communication Styles
Life Stages: Childhood – Seeking Unconditional Love · Adolescence – Seeking Romantic Love · Adulthood – Families And Forgiveness · Agape – Altruistic Love
Practical Advice: Where Couples Met · Flirting · How to Write a Personal Ad · Dating · Sex · Becoming a Couple · Conflict In Relationships
Personality Types: Emotional Control Systems · Zeus-Hera · Poseidon-Athena · Apollo-Artemis · Hermes-Hestia · Ares-Hephaestus-Aphrodite · Dionysus-Demeter · Hades-Persephone


About This Book
List of authors, organization, and notes.
Recommended Books
Selected books to read if you would like to learn more.
Ask any questions you have about relationships.

The Science of Relationships

The Evolution of the Human Brain
What makes us distinct from other animals.
Admiration, Lust, Passion and Love
The sexual peaks of women's monthly cycles - and how men can boost their testosterone without pills or patches.
How Our Ancestors Lived
We're rediscovering the peaceful, egalitarian lifestyle of our ancestors.
Communication Styles
Communication to form hierarchies, as opposed to communication to form support circles.
How Women Select Men
High-status, entertaining men attract women's attention. Continual emotional connection makes women want a lasting relationship.
How Men Select Women
Visible beauty attracts men's initial attention, but it is a woman's inner beauty that makes a man want a lasting relationship.
Monogamy and Polygamy
Throughout history, many humans have been moderately polygamous. So are modern "serial monogamists."

Life Stages

Childhood - Seeking Unconditional Love
...and what happens to people who weren't loved as children.
Adolescence - Seeking Romantic Love
Young people feel passionate desire for mirrors of themselves.
Adulthood - Families And Forgiveness
Mature individuals love their real partners.
Agape - Altruistic Love
How loving one individual leads to loving others.

Practical Advice

Where Couples Met
Friends and family introduced them at school, work, and church.
How to be fascinating to the opposite sex.
How to Write a Personal Ad
...and find a website or publication that gets you dates.

Help your date experience a wide range of emotions.
Pregnancy, STDs - and tips for better kissing and "aural" sex.
Becoming a Couple
Switch gender roles to move from dating to a committed relationship.
Conflict In Relationships
Learning to love while accepting disagreement makes you healthy and, in the long run, happy.

Personality Types

Emotional Control Systems
The basis of personality types.
Power, tradition, and social status.
Integrating emotions with prudence.
Adventure and good sense.
A fun, happy home.
The weekend warrior and the movie star.
Wounding and healing.
Transformation and transcendence.