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File:President Bill Clinton plays the saxophone.jpg
"President Bill Clinton plays the saxophone presented to him by Russian President Boris Yeltsin," Novoya Ogarova Dacha, Russia, January 13, 1994. Photo by Bob McNeely.[1]
John F. Kennedy, William Shatner (Captain Kirk on Star Trek),Alan Alda,Bill Clinton, BorisYeltsin,Jesse Jackson, Sean Connery.
A full head of hair, graying at the temples.
$1300 polished black Allen-Edmonds.1
Favorite Movie
The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando (1972).
Hades, Poseidon,and Zeus drew lots for their kingdoms. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld. They agreed to share the earth. Instead, Zeus dominated the earth and the humans who later inhabited it. The Romans knew Zeus as Jupiter.
Emotional Control System
The sense of self enables power, freedom, and dominance. Too little Zeus energy causes impotence or passive-aggression.
Life Purpose
Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades were the"alpha"males of the Greek pantheon. Zeus men conform to society's rules. A Zeus man seeks a public identity-usually a career-that matches his inner sense of self-importance.
Zeus men are status-seekers. A Zeus man may use deception to create the appearance of success. He may sacrifice his subordinates. He may claim credit for another person's work. He may blame another person for his failures.
As the sky god, Zeus saw in wide overviews. He didn't have his feet on the ground. Zeus men can be ungrounded, out of touch with reality. They believe in positive thinking. They tune out negative facts and feelings. E.g., employees say that a "reality distortion field" surrounds Steve Jobs.
A Zeus man may work for years to achieve success, then find that it's not what he expected. He spends his life climbing a mountain-then realizes that he climbed the wrong mountain.
Other Personality Type Systems
Zeus is represented in astrology by Capricorn (integrity, or matching one's personal nature with one's public identity), the 10th House (of Career), and the planet Jupiter. Zeus is Enneagram personality type #3, the Status-Seeker.
Zeus had sex with any beautiful woman he fancied-and paid the price with a jealous and vengeful wife. Zeus men keep mistresses. But Zeus men aren't great lovers. Their focus on power stunts their emotional maturity.
To meet Zeus men, be young and beautiful and have a rich and powerful father.

Hera Edit

Nancy Reagan
As far as I am concerned, I never really lived until I met Ronnie. Oh, I know that this is not the popular admission these days....But Ronnie is my reason for being happy. Without him, I'd be quite miserable and have no real purpose or direction in life.
—Nancy Reagan
Yousef; Hairstyle : Big hair. Sleeps in rollers.
Anne Klein slingbacks.
Favorite Movie
The Stepford Wives, starring Katherine Ross (1975).
Hera was the wife of Zeus. She jealously and cruelly persecuted Zeus's lovers and their children. The Romans knew Hera as Juno.
Emotional Control System<
Hera energy is about tradition, ritual, and ceremony.
Life Purpose
A Hera woman's life purpose is to embody her culture's traditions. She uses awareness of the past to create group cohesion. She makes individuals feel they are part of a group by reminding them what the group did in the past.
Women who embody Hera often marry doctors, lawyers, or other successful men. But they don't really love their husbands. They love being a successful wife.
Hera women love children who behave properly. But when their children don't fit their ideals, Hera women disconnect or even abandon their children. E.g., look at Nancy Reagan and her non-relationships with daughter Patti and son Ronnie.
Too much Hera energy makes an individual a caricature of whom she thinks she is. Too little makes an individual not take anything seriously.
Some women today reject Hera. They remember their mothers in the 1950s or 1960s, dependent and self-sacrificing. But pushing Hera into the shadow can cause a woman to feel emptiness, or incompleteness. Such a woman should consciously bring Hera's rituals into her life, in ways that don't betray her ideals.

Other Personality Type Systems
Hera is represented in astrology by Libra (balancing two people or forces) and the 7th House (of Marriage and open enemies). Hera is Enneagram personality type #3, the Status-Seeker.

To Hera women, sex is part of marriage.

To meet Hera women, make lots of money. Then join a country club, go to art museum benefits, and other society events.

Zeus-Hera Marriage Edit

A Zeus-Hera marriage tempers power with tradition. A couple that successfully uses this energy increases their social status.

Zeus men see women as either marriageable-beautiful daughters of wealthy, prominent families-or women for sex. They use marriage in their rise to power, e.g., marrying the boss's daughter. Once in power, they go for the beautiful young nymphs.
Hera women subscribe to wedding magazines. A Hera woman's wedding is the most important day of her life.
A Hera woman may mistakenly marry an Apollo man. Apollo men aren't leaders. She'll push him into a CEO position in which he'll fail, when he would've been a successful vice-president. She'll ruin his career and then divorce him.
Under Stress
Under stress, Zeus and Hera becomes Dionysus. When "the going gets tough," a Zeus man or Hera woman loses emotional coldness and distance. A wounded, human side comes out. At best, he becomes a hero-and becomes sexy to women. She becomes a "real person"-and sexy to men.
At worst, a Zeus man or a Hera woman becomes hysterical, or turns to another side of Dionysus-alcohol.

When Safe
When safe, Zeus and Hera becomes Poseidon. They continue to be "alpha," but "lets their hair down" and show emotions.


  1. Photo by Bob McNeely. Courtesy of the White House (P011471-26A).

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