Straw Bale Construction

Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses straw bales as structural elements, insulation, or both. It is commonly used in natural buildings.

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Contents edit

Straw bale building in Holland
  1. Introduction  
    1. History  
    2. Current Perspective and Regulations  
  2. Materials  
    1. Straw sources, bale dimensions and compression  
    2. Choosing your bales  
  3. Tools  
    1. Straw bale needle  
    2. Drawknife and shaving horse  
    3. Moisture meter 
    4. Big wooden hammer 
    5. Plastic strapping tensioner 
    6. Stucco sprayer 
  4. Characteristics  
    1. Acoustics  
    2. Insulation  
    3. Thermal mass  
    4. Passive solar  
    5. Availability, types and cost  
    6. Resistance to pests  
    7. Resistance to fire  
    8. Structural properties  
    9. Design and construction challenges  
  5. Techniques  
    1. Foundations  
    2. Walls  
    3. Finishes  
    4. Openings  
    5. Roofing  
    6. Pushing the Limit  
  6. Resources  
    1. Software  
    2. Technical Studies, Reports and Tests  
    3. Worldwide organisations and contacts  
    4. Straw Bale Building Registries  
    5. Resources on the internet  
  7. Bibliography  
  8. Glossary of Terms  
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