Biological Psychology

Biological psychology is the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental states. Biological psychology is also known as biopsychology, psychobiology, physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and neuropsychology.

Contents edit

  1. Basic Biology
  2. Anatomy of the Nervous System
  3. Nerve Cells and Nerve Impulses
  4. Communication at Synapses
  5. Development and Plasticity of the Brain
  6. Vision
  7. The Other Sensory Systems and Attention
  8. Movement
  9. Wakefulness and Sleep
  10. Internal Regulation
  11. Reproductive Behaviours
  12. Emotional Behaviours
  13. The Biology of Learning and Memory
  14. Lateralization and Language
  15. Psychological Disorders

External links and resources edit

"Postcards from the Brain Museum" by Brian Burrell provides a historical perspective on the search for connections between biology and psychology.