Welcome! You have come upon the beginning of a lighter-side look at Open Source, open source, Free Software, free software, Unix, Unix-likes and the whole mess known today as the Internet.

This book touches on the concepts of hacking, cracking, scripting and programming; illustrating the differences between them all and why there is a gap between the people doing these things and the masses unaware of the differences between them. Other topics will include the reasons for using different licenses for programs and what some of the more common ones mean to users and programmers.


  1.   What do you mean Open Source isn't Free Software? - Explaining the differences in the terms used for the various types of open source software.
  2.   I have to give you what? - Talking about the rights given in licenses and those that are not.
  3.   Theft or Copying? - Talking about "stealing" source, how it is actually copying with no loss of property involved.
  4.   In the Beginning... - Explaining where the various open source movements began and the start of the Internet, do not go into detail the groups, just their basics - further detail will be in their specific chapters.
  5.   Unix - The beginnings of Unix, it's relation to Multics and it's involvement with BSD. Mention Bell's K&R and the beginning of C.
  6.   BSD - Talk about the BSDs, their founders and their strengths and weaknesses, go into more detail than In the Beginning....
  7.   Let's get ready to RUMBLE! - The lawsuit involving BSDi, USL and the University of California; discuss the result of the suit as well as how it affected the BSD and Linux movements.
  8.   BSD's Not Unix - The Unix trademark, Unix-likes, System V.
  9.   Gnu's Not Unix - Talk about Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation and about the various licenses they have made and how they view other licenses.
  10.   Linux - Talk about Linus Torvalds and the kernel he made, describe the relation to Minix and Unix.
  11.   Gnu's Not Linux! - Talk about the mincing of words between the Linux and GNU camps.
  12.   Gnu/Linux - The partial result of the GNU and Linux camps spat.
  13.   OpenSolaris - Discuss OpenSolaris, what it means to other open source projects.
  14.   Divide and Conquer - Talk about community friction, the concept of allies and enemies within the open source world.
  15.   Cancer - Talk about the stance given by Microsoft regarding the General Public License, Linux and GNU.
  16.   Counter-Culture - Talk about the rising of an anti-Microsoft movement, its relation to the open source groups and its effects on their usage and development.
  17.   l33t |-|4X0rz!?! - Hacking, cracking, script kiddies and the like.
  18.   Glossary - Definitions of words, technical and cultural terms, acronyms and notes.
  19.   Licenses - A much more detailed look at licenses, will not be for the faint of heart
  20.   Additional Information - A list of informational sources, the bibliography, thanks and contributors.