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Mambo Open Source is a content management system that can be used to create and manage webpages. It uses a browser-based interface for most editing operations, and supports most modern browsers.

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This is a guide for both beginners and professionals on how to use Mambo Open Source. If you encounter an item that is not present, please start the article and expand this book! This is an ever-expanding collection of tutorials and articles, so don't think twice if you want to write!

Important Note edit

This manual has not had any content updates in over a year. However, it inspired a member of the Mambo community to create a wiki and continue the concept of providing a collaborative user and developer manual for Mambo. This manual is now part of the Mambo CMS project and contains extensive documentation to help both users and developers alike.

You can go to the Mambo Manual here.

Registration is, of course, free and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Updated: 12 December, 2006

What's up?
  • The full Table of contents was started. (It's recommended to start writing new pages from here.) 10 July 2005
  • A featured article system is ready. This is to make popular and useful articles easier to find for first time users of the book.29 Jun 2005
  • We have added a configuration category, and placed all contents of the installation chapter there.29 Jun 2005
  • Some categorizing has been done: We added the category MOS to the templates, as well as categorizing the front page of the book a bit. 28 Jun 2005

Take a look at this book's style reference before adding content - please follow this to maintain the book's good system and layout. Also, see the help section for information on how to contribute.

If you have a request for an article, simply add a link in the appropriate section of this book. This link would then be viewable to others, and maby someone will start the article.