This Wikibook intends to provide an exhaustive guide to Map This!, is an open source homebrew satellite navigation application for the Sony PlayStation Portable. In combination with a GPS receiver it allows you to see where you are on a map. Map This! can also function as a simple map viewer without a GPS receiver.

OpenStreetMap view of West London on Map This! (Play Station Portable with PSP-290 GPS)

It is currently (13:09, 23 January 2008 (UTC)) based on Map This! version 0.5.20. The official site of Map This! is

You can see Map This! in action here:

There are also two Map This! forums:

Besides Deniska, other people have worked on Map This! as well. Some of the functionality other people have written has made it into the official version (notably MIB.42's changes), while other functionality was released in unofficial versions.

One of the first unofficial versions, by atari800, added sound features to Map This!. This version has now been taken offline.

Another unofficial version, by Nieko, added a.o. auto map switching, auto zooming, and GPS recording to POI. This version can be found on [1].

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In order to get Map This! working you will need the following:
Installation and setup
This section covers everything concerning files you can put on your memory stick in order to run Map This!. You do not need to follow all steps, but if you want, you can.
When you've completed the installation, it's time to start Map This!. This section assumes Map This! is functioning properly. If you encounter problems, see Troubleshooting.
Tips and tricks
Several users have reported tips & tricks regarding Map This!.
Can I?...
A few questions on the limits and possibilities of Map This!
Legacy support
In older Map This! versions there are a few things that worked differently. If you want to update to a newer Map This! or want to run an older version, take a look at the following changes.

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