Map This!/Tips and tricks

Extension cable for PSP-290Edit

Because the PSP itself slightly interferes with the reception of the PSP-290 GPS receiver, you can increase reception by moving the GPS receiver away from the PSP by connecting an extension cable. This cable can be bought from PCMobile. Several users have reported a faster fix and more satellites in view using this cable.

Format memory stick as FAT32Edit

Format your memory stick as FAT32 (not FAT), you'll be able to put much more map data on it. You do need to restart your PSP afterwards.

Of course be sure to make a backup of the contents of your memory stick beforehand.

Formatting as FAT32 should also work on a Mac (choose "PC DOS" as format).

Order of applications in XMBEdit

You can use BlackVenom's PSP Game Structure Utility to sort the applications in XMB.