Map This!/Troubleshooting

Starting Map This!Edit

Q: When I try to start Map This! the PSP gives me an 80020148 error, what can I do?
A: This usually indicates you're trying to run a FW3.xx program under 1.50 kernel or vice versa. Move Map This! e.g. from ms0:/PSP/GAME150/ to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ or replace EBOOT.PBP with the version for that specific firmware. Another cause may be that you're trying to run Map This! on an official Sony firmware. Map This! requires a firmware that can run homebrew programs (see also Homebrew capable firmware).

Q: Map This! says it can't load usbacc.prx/usbgps.prx, what's going on?
A: The PRX files you extracted (for old Map This! versions) or those in your current firmware may be broken. You can try extracting them again or you can try reinstalling your firmware.

This error also occurs when you're trying to run Map This! under 1.50 kernel.

Another reason for this may be a plugin in the /seplugins directory. Not all CFW plugins work well with all applications. Try disabling them and try again.

Q: Why does Map This! crash when the PSP returns from standby mode?
A: This happens because it doesn't reopen the file handles, which are lost when you go to sleep mode. You can easily fix this by going back to the map selection screen before putting the PSP in standby mode.

GPS receptionEdit

Q: My GPS receiver seems to be broken, what do I do?
A: Several firmware downgraders break some keys in the firmware necessary for the PSP-290 GPS receiver to work. Even with the PSP-290 connected, GPS state in the GPS Info screen will still be "OFF". You can use Chilly Willy's KeyCleaner to fix these keys.

Q: Why does Map This! take so long to show where I am?
A: Getting a fix can take some time, depending on a few factors. You can get a fix the quickest:

  • by having a lot of open sky (e.g. in a field);
  • with good weather, no clouds;
  • when standing still;
  • having the GPS receiver some distance away from the PSP (using e.g. an extension cable for the PSP-290);
  • pointing the biggest surface to the sky (in the case of the PSP-290 the part that says "GPS").

In these conditions you may get a fix within 30 seconds. Some people also reported getting a faster fix by lowering the CPU speed (in the GPS Info screen you can lower the speed to 110MHz). In the worst case scenario getting a fix may take up to 10 minutes, e.g. when driving fast in a storm.

Q: Why does Map This! show my current location/speed/altitude all wrong?
A: Several factors influence GPS reception and precision, such as weather, number of satellites fixed and how close the satellites are together. This may give an error of up to 100m in extreme cases. Depending on the error, a red circle may be shown around the cursor, indicating the current location is approximate.

If you're using a very old firmware (or an old Map This! version and old PRX files), then the PSP-290 GPS receiver may report a positive latitude, while this should be negative. This is a bug in the firmware and has been solved in 3.03.

GPS receivers usually report speed in knots and altitude in meters. See Configuring Map This! for configuration directives that change units of speed and length.


Q: Why doesn't it work?
A: Because somewhere something went wrong. Try unpacking Map This! to your memory stick without changing anything (it should work out of the box), disabling all plugins and checking all sections on this page. If nothing works, explain what setup you have (which PSP firmware, fat or slim, etc.) and what exact steps you have taken in the forum.

Q: My PSP screen always turns off after 5 minutes, how do I prevent this?
A: In the XMB, go to Settings -> Power Save Settings -> Backlight Auto-Off and change it to "Off". You may also want to change Auto Sleep to off, since the default value is 10 minutes.