Map This!/Legacy support

POI icon formatEdit

Starting Map This! version 0.5.05, the POI icon format (used for files in system/icons/) has changed from horizontal to vertical. An old POI icon would be 30x15 pixels with the active part on the left and the inactive part on the right. A new POI icon is 16x32 pixels with the active part at the bottom and the inactive part at the top.

Because Map This! reads the icon size from the file itself, it is possible to make POI icons bigger, but then they will not be fully displayed in the POI Lookup list. This restriction applies to icons in system/icons/ only.

PRX files (usbgps.prx and usbacc.prx)Edit

In order for the PSP-290 to function, Map This! needs two PRX files from the PSP firmware, namely usbgps.prx and usbacc.prx. Starting Map This! version 0.5.05, Map This! will load these files from the PSP firmware itself, but in earlier versions, you had to extract them yourself.

In most cases, a combination of usbacc.prx from firmware 2.71 and usbgps.prx from firmware 3.03 works well, but you may want to try out other combinations.

What you'll need:

What you need to do:

  1. Download and install PBP Unpacker;
  2. Download Sony firmwares 2.71 and 3.03;
  3. Open the firmwares in PBP Unpacker, extract just the DATA.PSAR (right-click on it, select extract);
  4. Download PSAR Dumpers, make sure you're using the correct version with respect to the firmware version;
  5. Put the PSAR Dumper (do this one version at a time) on your MemoryStick Pro Duo (MSPD);
  6. Put DATA.PSAR in ms0:/ (root folder for the MSPD);
  7. Run PSAR Dumper (same way as running Map This!);
  8. When prompted, press the Circle button (dump WITHOUT sigcheck, this is important!);
  9. Once finished, exit program and connect to PC, move the flash0 or f0 folder from MSPD to PC;
  10. Find usbacc.prx and usbgps.prx in flash0\kn\ folder (or f0\kn\ folder), copy them to a new folder, name the folder with firmware version number;
  11. Repeat step 3 through 10 with other firmware.

Place usbgps.prx from firmware 3.03 and usbacc.prx from firmware 2.71 in the Map This! directory, i.e., in the same directory as EBOOT.PBP.

(Once again, you only need to do this if you insist on running an older Map This! version.)

WiFi switch & UMDEdit

In Map This! versions earlier than 0.4, GPS read functionality could depend on the WiFi switch being turned on or off and on a UMD being in the drive or not. Starting with Map This! 0.4, this doesn't matter anymore.