AEM EMS Guidebook

AEM EMS Engine Management System Engine Swaps You have stumbled on the first (and only I've seen) AEM EMS Wikibook for owners and tuners of the AEM EMS Engine Management System. This was started on 8/9/2006 and will hopefully grow much from there. I have created a basic outline for people to work with for now, and hope it will expand from here. AEM did not include a manual with anything but bare-bones information for using the program, and a more extensive reference would be very useful.

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What is the AEM EMS?


The AEM EMS is a versatile Standalone Engine Management System that can control a variety of engines and allows the end user the ultimate in expandability and control over their engines operating conditions.

installing your aem ems in your car and getting started


application specific notes (things to know with YOUR specific model car and ems)

Using the AEM Pro software


Navigating the menus

known keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

Full breakdown of what every function does, as well as how to work with it

Tips and tricks when working with the EMS

Using the AEMLOG software


Performing math operations on your logs

Tuning with the EMS


Methods of tuning

Injector Phase

Controlling boost

common problems and resolutions


ignition map


How to data log DIY video