Jini and Network Computing

Jini is a specification of several capabilities and associated tools related to distributed computing and dealing with the eight fallacies of distributed computing. There are a number of vendors selling Jini compatible tools or implementations of APIs in the specification (one of the more common APIs being implemented in these commercial products is The JavaSpaces API) and a number of consultancies with expertise in Jini and JavaSpaces based systems design and implementation.

The Jini community website was originally created to contain the software being developed by community members which needed to be protected by the SCSL licensing. Since the conversion of the licensing to ALV2, this primary need is starting to disappear as some of the projects are moved to ALV2 or other non-SCSL licensing.

However, the jini-users mailing list and the javaspaces-users mailing list contain a large amount of very useful information about using Jini and answers to common questions that have been popular topics over the years. The Blitz Project (http://www.dancres.org/blitz/) maintains a conglomeration of a lot of very important links and information regarding the changes between Jini 1.x and Jini 2.0 and later together with other useful resources at http://www.dancres.org/cottage/starting_jini.html.


In the end, this should be a book. That means that there need to be more serialized content than is typically present in a wiki created documentation set.

  1. Introduction

Miscellaneous topics

The following are some of the most popular topics that have surfaced on the mailing lists over the years. As people have time, these pages will likely get filled in with references to the list messages that contain answers to these questions, as well as other informative information.

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