Jini and Network Computing/JavaSpaces05

JavaSpace05 (http://www.jini.org/nonav/standards/porter/doc/specs/api/net/jini/space/package-summary.html) is a standard extension interface which JavaSpaces implementations may optionally support. It provides:

  1. Batch operations for write and take designed to reduce network round-trips.
  2. contents() - a streaming read which has some properties of an iterator but is adapted for remote operation.
  3. registerForAvailabilitEvent - a notify() variant which provides a broader set of events concerning the state transitions of an Entry.

In some cases, it's expected that contents() and registerForAvailabilityEvent() will be used together to bring a client up to speed with current state. This is achieved by having the client first register for events and then using contents() to recover state which was created prior to registration for events.

Both the batch operations and contents() support the use of multiple templates to allow logical OR matching semantics.