How to Search


  1. Provide a quick reference guide for electronic information searching.
  2. Teach information seekers how to form accurate searches in electronic environments.

Scope: Any electronic search environment. Examples can be found in the "Searches A-Z" section of the book.

Audience: All information seekers in electronic environments.

Reference Guide edit

This reference guide quickly answers how to use various electronic searches. This may include an Internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo, a library web catalog such as Library of Congress, a personal computer file searcher such as grep, or any other electronic search mechanism. Some knowledge of Boolean logic is helpful and if you don't know how to use the AND, OR, NOT operators, please read the Teaching How to Search section of this Wikibook.

Each search page should list Boolean operators, other operators, and available search fields as well as the purpose, audience, and scope of that search.

How to search... edit

Search Filters edit

Teaching How to Search: Theory and Instruction edit

The following book sections give general theory and instruction about searching in an electronic environment:

  1. Types of resources
  2. Boolean Logic
  3. The information search process

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