How To Search/Library of Congress

Library of Congress - (still incomplete)

  • Purpose: Make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. [1]
  • Audience: See the Purpose.
  • Scope: "The Library of Congress Online Catalog is a database of records representing the vast collection of materials held by the Library. In addition to these records, the Online Catalog provides cross-references, notes, and circulation status, as well as information about Library materials still in the acquisitions stage." [2]
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  • Further Information: The Library of Congress (LOC) online catalog allows for a variety of search types. Boolean operators and search limits are only available when using certain search types.

Search TypesEdit

This section is not part of most search pages in the How to search wikibook. It is specific to the LOC.

  • Title
  • Author/Creator Browse
  • Subject Browse
  • Keyword
  • Command Keyword - Boolean searches available.
  • Call Number Browse
  • Series/Uniform Title Browse
  • Author/Creator Sorted by Title Browse

Boolean OperatorsEdit

Only available in the Command Keyword type of search.

Syntax Example
skunk AND tomato
skunk OR tomato
skunk NOT tomato

Other OperatorsEdit

Other FeaturesEdit