How To Search/MOBIUS Consortium


  • Purpose: MOBIUS makes available "a virtual collection of the approximately 14 million items in the libraries of Missouri's colleges and universities and creates a single user interface that allows faculty and students to request library materials using any personal computer in any location with access to the Internet." [1]
  • Audience: Students and employees of institutions which are part of the MOBIUS consortium.
  • Scope: All cataloged material from MOBIUS member institutions.
  • Refresh Rate: Item records are made available as they are purchased and catalogued by librarians.
  • Further Information: MOBIUS uses the Millennium library system. Further searching information can be found at Millennium-III. Most of the items found in the MOBIUS catalog are available via Inter Library Loan from your local library if you live in the United States.

Boolean OperatorsEdit

See Millennium-III

Other OperatorsEdit

See Millennium-III

Search FieldsEdit

See Millennium-III

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