Pro/Engineer or Pro E is the software product of PTC (Parametric Technology corporation) its initial versions were Pro/E 1, 2... up to 19. Later Pro/E launched sequentially versions as Pro/Engineer 2000; 2000i, 2000i2;2001, Wildfire 1.0; Wildfire 2.0, Wildfire 3.0; Wildfire 4.0; and Wildfire 5.0. In 2011, PTC rebranded Pro/Engineer as Creo Parametric. The current version of the software is 5.0.[1] This book will explore the various philosophies and methodologies employed by professionals who use the Computer Aided Design (CAD) package Pro/Engineer. Additional topics include how to acquire the software and optimal support.

Notes to Contributors:

Please write Pro/Engineer and Pro/Intralink fully not pro/e, pro/engineer or any other variation.

  • RMB - Right Mouse Button
  • LMB - Left Mouse Button
  • MMB - Middle Mouse Button
  • BMB - Both Mouse Buttons
  • ICON - Link to image

All items assumed to be from top menu unless left menu is mentioned

Section One: How to...

  1. Understand the Pro/Engineer operating environment
  2. Spin, pan, and zoom the model view
  3. Select and query select for features
  4. Use memory, save parts, and copy parts
  5. Use Sketcher  
  6. Create Features  
  7. Modify and edit features
  8. Resolve regeneration failures
  9. Measure and analyze
  10. Create assemblies
  11. Create drawings
  12. Control model color and appearance
  13. Use Find  

Section Two: Data Management

  1. Pro/Intralink
  2. Windchill
  3. Non-PTC
    • Metaphase, Teamcentre
    • Matrix One
    • SAP

Section Three: Hardware and OS

  1. Configuring plotters
  2. Graphics Cards
    • Issues
  3. Windows / Unix

Section Four: Customization

  1. Start parts, start assemblies, and drawing templates
  2. User Interface, including
  3. Mapkeys
  4. Configuration file, including and config.sup
  5. Drawing setup files, including .dtl settings.
  6. Web/Link
  7. J/Link

Section Five: Philosophy

  1. Design Intent
  2. Top Down Design Methodology
  3. Shown vs Created Dimensions

Section Six: Dealing with PTC

  1. Getting the best deal
  2. Getting the best from support  
  3. Getting the best from consultancy

Section Seven: Reference

  1. Definitions  
  2. Detail FAQ  
  3. Surface FAQ  
  4. Surface Tips  
  5. Family Table Tips  
  6. Pro/Intralink Tips