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Pro/Engineer or Pro E is the software product of PTC (Parametric Technology corporation) its initial versions were Pro/E 1, 2... up to 19. Later Pro/E launched sequentially versions as Pro/Engineer 2000; 2000i, 2000i2;2001, Wildfire 1.0; Wildfire 2.0, Wildfire 3.0; Wildfire 4.0; and Wildfire 5.0. In 2011, PTC rebranded Pro/Engineer as Creo Parametric. The current version of the software is 5.0.[1] This book will explore the various philosophies and methodologies employed by professionals who use the Computer Aided Design (CAD) package Pro/Engineer. Additional topics include how to acquire the software and optimal support.

Notes to Contributors:

Please write Pro/Engineer and Pro/Intralink fully not pro/e, pro/engineer or any other variation.

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Section One: How to...

Section Two: Data Management

  1. Pro/Intralink
  2. Windchill
  3. Non-PTC
    • Metaphase, Teamcentre
    • Matrix One
    • SAP

Section Three: Hardware and OS

  1. Configuring plotters
  2. Graphics Cards
    • Issues
  3. Windows / Unix

Section Four: Customization

  1. Start parts, start assemblies, and drawing templates
  2. User Interface, including
  3. Mapkeys
  4. Configuration file, including and config.sup
  5. Drawing setup files, including .dtl settings.
  6. Web/Link
  7. J/Link

Section Five: Philosophy

  1. Design Intent
  2. Top Down Design Methodology
  3. Shown vs Created Dimensions

Section Six: Dealing with PTC

  1. Getting the best deal
  2. Getting the best from support  
  3. Getting the best from consultancy

Section Seven: Reference