Pro Engineer/Pro Intralink Tips


Remove search paths and from pro/engineer configuration files (both local and global config files)

Remove PRO_FORMAT_DIR from the Check out formats from commonspace.

File Manipulation

Never try to manipulate files at the operating system level.

Only use Pro/engineer linked to Intralink to open and modify Intralink controlled files.

Clean temporary files from start up directory

Check In and Check Out

Check in the latest version of an object when someone else needs it.

Check files in regularly. This will store a design history and the file will be backed up.

Administrators should set access to the root directory as read only to force users to set a destination directory.

Only check in the files you intended to change - review the checkin form and remove any that should not have been modified.

Family Tables

Check out the generic and all instances before the modification of family table driven parts.

Verify family tables before checking in to Intralink.


Create a new workspace for each new task. When finished delete the workspace. This will reduce disk usage and minimise 'check in' conflicts.

Check the status of an object before working on it. This will avoid check in conflicts and having to use Integrate.


Turn on frames. This will enable you to undo mistakes easily.


Use Intralink to rename objects it is safer than Pro/Engineer as Pro/Engineer will only update objects that are in session. Intralink will update all objects it knows about.

Viewing Objects Without Opening Pro/Engineer

Highlight the object (drawing, part or assembly) click Object, Information a preview of the object is shown in a small window. Click the upward arrow to show the image full size. 3D objects in the small image and large window can be rotated by holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse. Holding down the ctrl + MMB zooms the object and shift + MMB pans the object.