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  1. Relationships/Zeus-Hera
  2. Professional and Technical Writing/Print version
  3. Visual Rhetoric/Semiotics of Fashion
  4. User-Generated Content in Education/MentorMob
  5. Transportation Systems Simulation - A Tutorial for Multi-Modal Simulation Using VISSIM/Freeway: Simulation
  6. Transportation Planning Casebook/Transportation Network Companies
  7. Structural Biochemistry/Viruses and SLiMs Interaction/Viral Pathways/Utilizing Cellular Transport
  8. Structural Biochemistry/Symmetry Operations
  9. Structural Biochemistry/Phase Diagrams
  10. Structural Biochemistry/Paul D. Boyer
  1. Electronics/Print Version
  2. Scouting/BSA/Medicine Merit Badge
  3. Scouting/BSA/Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge
  4. Flora of New York/Coreopsideae…Ambrosieae
  5. Flora of New York/Millerieae, Madieae, Eupatorieae
  6. International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/United States of America, Part 3
  7. Human Physiology/Print Version
  8. Flora of New York/Apiales
  9. Flora of New York/Lamiales 3
  10. Flora of New York/Brassicales

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