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Marx (Mark in the original Japanese version) is a fictional character who appears in the game Kirby Super Star for Super Nintendo. He is the main villain and final boss of the Milky Way Wishes portion of the game, and also appears in the mini-game The Arena.

Marx's normal form from Kirby Super Star.
Marx's ultimate form from Kirby Super Star.

Even though he is a resident of Dream Land, Marx is an evil genius who dreams of conquering Popstar itself. He has a distinct appearance, unlike most of Kirby's fellow Dream Landers, involving him wearing a jester's cap, big brown clown-like shoes, and a red bow tie around his neck, and having purple flesh and demented-looking facial features. He mainly moves around by bouncing on his favorite ball, which resembles a beach ball. In his ultimate form, he looks like a robotic bat with fangs in the smile he always wears on his face even in his ultimate form, as well as yellow wings. His shoes are also extended to be more clown-like.

Marx is also seen in a group picture with King Dedede, Dark Matter, Dark Mind, and Nightmare, found in one of the treasure chests in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Milky Way Wishes


Marx first appears presenting himself as a good guy, appearing in front of Kirby saying that he wants to help him make peace between the Sun and Moon, which have started fighting day and night. He tells Kirby that he needs to gather power from all the planets around Popstar and then ask Nova for help. The Fountain of Dreams learns of this, and sends him on a difficult quest to do so. What Kirby doesn't know, however, is that Marx is really behind the problems in Dream Land, getting the Sun and Moon to fight each other, in which Marx really wants ultimate power. By the time Kirby gets to Nova, Marx pushes Kirby out of the way and makes his wish to Nova, which is to conquer Popstar. Nova transforms Marx into his ultimate form (who proceeds to repeatedly hurt Kirby until the stars come together to form the Star Chariot) and proceeds to attempt to crash into Popstar but is stopped by the Sun and Moon which join together to do so. Kirby rides his Star Chariot inside Nova, fights his way through its inside, and destroys its heart, severely damaging Nova. Marx, of course, sees all of this, and decides to battle Kirby in an area that uses the same setting as the final battle with Nightmare in both Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the Game Boy Advance remake.

In-game sprite of Marx.

Marx attacks by throwing purplish-white crescents at Kirby, flying up and dropping seeds from above which then grow into rapidly-growing spiked vines, appearing in the ground as a hole and then springing up as his true form, spewing black balls that turn into spheres of ice when they reach Kirby's level, firing arrows from either side of the screen, spewing out large white beams, and splitting into two halves, revealing a black hole that will suck Kirby in if he's too close, after which when he appears, he gets slammed into the ground, sustaining serious damage. He also has a habit of teleporting around a lot, and likes to taunt Kirby with a high-pitched laugh (another final boss monster in the Kirby games who has a high-pitched laugh, this one in more than one variation, is Drawcia). Upon his defeat, Marx flies into Nova and explodes, taking out the wish-granting comet with him.

The Arena


Marx also appears in the mini-game The Arena. He is always the final boss of that mini-game; the rest of the bosses Kirby fights, including even the Heart of Nova, which is fought in Milky Way Wishes before Marx himself, are shown in a random order. The fight with him in The Arena is the same as the one in Milky Way Wishes.

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