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Lololo and Lalala (ロロロ and ラララ) are characters from HAL Laboratories' Eggerland and Kirby series of video games. In Eggerland, their names are Lolo and Lala.



Lolo first appeared as the main character in the Eggerland games, and later the popular Adventures of Lolo series for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In these games, Lolo was a brave adventurer who had to solve series of puzzles to save Princess Lala from King Egger and his evil empire. He had the ability to turn enemies into eggs and push objects around, but otherwise was defenseless. Lala herself was eventually made a playable character. Lolo and Lala become married at the end of the first sequel. Much later in the series, as King and Queen, they have a child, Prince Lulu.

Kirby series


Lololo and Lalala first appeared in the Kirby series as bosses in Kirby's Dream Land in the second stage, Castle Lololo. In their stage they would push green boxes around (much like in their own games) on platforms to try and hit Kirby. (This style of boss fight would later be copied by Nruff and Nelly and Pon and Con in later games.)

Lololo and Lalala show up as fellow contestants. They are the only characters in the game that haven't made an appearance in Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

The sub-game 'Spring Breeze', based on the original Kirby's Dream Land, featured Lololo and Lalala's graphically updated reappearance. Their stage and boss fight are the same as the earlier version.

Renamed to Fololo and Falala in the 4Kids dub, the pair's role in the anime is quite different from any of their games. No longer royalty themselves, they are the servants and friends of Tiff's family and live in King Dedede's castle.

Instead of walking, they float. They were actually a creation of Nightmare named Lola (Fofa in the dub) that was split into two people by the monster Slice n' Splice (KittariHattari (キッタリハッタリ)). Because of this they feel a strong connection to each other and are nearly always together. They're both very friendly and helpful, aiding Kirby whenever they can.

While they have more appearances early in the series, later on they seem to appear less and less, making some fans wonder if the writers didn't just forget about them. Interestingly, the name "Lola" first showed up in Kirby's Avalanche, where it is used as an abbreviation during their game.

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