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Dark Nebula (Dark Zero in the original Japanese version) is a fictional character in the Kirby series of video games for Nintendo. He is the final boss of Kirby: Squeak Squad, and the true villain of the game. He commonly appears as a giant black star with a purple glow/flames around his body and a red/pink/purple cat-like eye in the center. Some fans believe it to be the same entity as 0 from previous Kirby games, due to his Japanese name.

Dark Nebula
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dark Nebula was locked away in a treasure chest found in King Dedede's castle. After Kirby beats King Dedede at the end of Prism Plains, the Squeaks attack and take the treasure, which they think is the one that contains an ultimate power. What they don't know, however, is that the chest really contains the sinister Dark Nebula inside it. After Kirby beats Daroach at the end of Island Ice, Meta Knight appears out of nowhere and takes the chest and escapes with it to the Halberd at the bottom of the Secret Sea, which Kirby will need five colored stars to access through that door that MK has escaped through. After he beats MK to reclaim the treasure, Daroach takes it again and opens it only to become possessed by Dark Nebula and then known as Dark Daroach. After Kirby defeats Dark Daroach at the end of the Gamble Galaxy, Dark Nebula leaves his body, reverting him back to normal Daroach and his colors back to normal. Afterwards, Kirby gets the Triple Star and is able to chase Dark Nebula through two short areas.

The Chase


Dark Nebula first appears as a small, bouncing star. Kirby chases him through two short areas, each with a Warpstar at the end. The first area is horizontal with a few, easy enemies as well as plenty of item bubbles, and the second is vertical, with more item bubbles, as well as boulders that Kirby has to look out for. After reaching the Warpstar at the top of the second area, Kirby and Dark Nebula move to their final battle, which takes place on a crystal platform in space.

The Final Fight


As the fight begins, more stars merge with Dark Nebula, and his eye appears in the center before it assumes its full, stronger form, which also possesses the final treasure chest of the game.

Dark Nebula takes on several different elements during the fight, among which are fire, electricity, and ice, as well as a different set of attacks. The environment also changes with each element. Its attacks involve both firing different colored stars that Kirby can inhale, as well as all variations on the elements: ice beams in the ice state, fireballs and fire pillars in its fire state, and shockwaves of flames from those fireballs. Its electric state can also attack with an electric force field that's almost similar to that of Doc's Mecha-Kracko. Upon taking enough hits, Dark Nebula's body falls apart into many smaller stars and its eye explodes.

It is revealed after Dark Nebula's defeat that Meta Knight only fought Kirby to prevent the revival of Dark Nebula.

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  • The English version of the game refers to Dark Nebula as the ruler of the underworld, but in the Japanese version, he is referred to as the lord of darkness, which references to the fact that in the Japanese version of the anime, Nightmare calls himself the emperor of darkness.


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