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Waddle Dee is a basic and common enemy appearing in the Kirby games. They have appeared in every game, usually as enemies but occasionally as friends.



Waddle Dees have a similar appearance to Kirby. In most cases their bodies appear pear-shaped, though in some games this is merely an optical illusion caused by the shape of the face, with the body actually being round (as in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards). They have small stubby arms and small feet. Their face is always a light tan color, as are their feet, with their main bodies usually reddish brown. They also appear in other colors, such as yellow (as in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) or orange (as in the anime series). They have two black eyes, brown or red cheek blushes, and no visible mouth (although they are sometimes seen blowing trumpets in some episodes of the anime).

There are a few variant species that appear in other games. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby Squeak Squad feature an enemy called a Big Waddle Dee, which is two to three times the size of a standard one. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror also has a tiny enemy called 'Minni' which looks like a tiny Waddle Dee. Kirby Squeak Squad has the Gold Waddle Dee, which has much more Health Points and can be defeated to obtain a treasure chest. They often need to be trapped before they fall in a bottomless pit or water. The treasure is usually just a food item, but can sometimes be a more important/useful item.



Waddle Dee is one of the most common enemies in the Kirby series comparable to the Mario series Goomba. The only way he can harm Kirby is by simply running into him, making him an easily defeated enemy. Some Waddle Dees wield parasols (they are often seen floating to the ground holding one), which can be sucked up by Kirby, granting him the Parasol copy ability. Kirby: Canvas Curse introduced spear-wielding Waddle Dees, who throw spears (at an arc) at Kirby. Rainbow lines can be drawn as shields to defend Kirby from them; stunning them also prevents them from throwing their spears. Also introduced was Puff Waddle Dees, which can usually be defeated by touching their puff and bringing them to the ground.

In Kirby Super Star's Arena, a Waddle Dee can be fought as a Mini Boss. The only difference is that this Waddle Dee has far more health than normal (it can still be defeated instantly if simply inhaled). Kirby can also eject the Parasol power to create a friendly Parasol Waddle Dee, which can be controlled by the computer or by a second player. Unlike the enemy Parasol Waddle Dees, it can use all of Kirby's Parasol techniques.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards had one Waddle Dee forming an alliance with Kirby after being possessed by Dark Matter (transforming it into a Waddle Doo) and subsequently fighting, then being freed from the possession by Kirby. Waddle Dee occasionally appears in levels to help Kirby progress through them, usually using random means of transportation such as log rafts and mine carts.

In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror's mini-game "Boss Endurance", when entering a door below a painting of shadows (meaning 3 mini-bosses) with a purple background, one of the mini-bosses is a Waddle Dee with a large amount of HP (as in Kirby Super Star, but this one is not stationary) and can be defeated if inhaled, like KSS.

In Kirby Squeak Squad, there are three different kinds of Waddle Dees: normal ones, large ones, and a gold Waddle Dee which, when inhaled or defeated, gives Kirby a treasure chest.

Waddle Dee also appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

A Waddle Dee also appeared as a playable character in Kirby: Canvas Curse, unlocked by defeating Drawcia using Kirby. It cannot use Kirby's Copy Abilities or any HP upgrades purchased with medals. It is much lighter than Kirby but not much faster. Playing as Waddle Dee can be seen as a 'hard mode' of the game because of its handicaps.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl several Waddle Dees carry King Dedede onto the stage at the start of a match and Dedede himself can hurl countless Waddle Dees as projectiles and large army of Waddle Dees also makes up Dedede's Final Smash move.



In the Kirby anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, there is a multitude (roughly 2000) of Waddle Dees who serve as King Dedede's servants. They work around the castle as guards, maids, cooks, repairmen, or any other job that needs doing. However, they are rather clumsy and weak and can often mess up. (They tend to fall onto their faces very often.)

In one episode, Curio, the museum owner, says that Waddle Dees travel in large flocks, and, if given food and a place to stay, they will stay to serve that person to repay them (in short, they will obey anyone who feeds them.)

In the original Japanese anime, the Waddle Dees are able to talk, but usually do so only when spoken to (they have a nonsense language that sounds like 'wanya wanya'). This speech was removed from the English dub by 4Kids.

Though Waddle Dees have no visible mouths, they can eat; in one episode, King Dedede gives a Waddle Dee a cookie to see how they eat, and the Waddle Dee absorbs the cookie through the spot on its face where its mouth would be. Then the Waddle Dee walks away and Escargo (the snail) says "He didn't even say thank you," which is ironic because Waddle Dees don't have mouths, as they just discovered. Waddle Dees are crazy about food, and will do almost anything to get it. They will basically work for anybody that offers food. In the same Kirby episode as mentioned before, King De De De was going over his budget when he realized he was paying millions of dollars for the Waddle Dees food. So he hired a chef, chef Kawasaki (not sure how to spell it) to give the Waddle Dees food for only one dollar. The food he served was called thin witches, which was not enough to sustain the Waddle Dee. Not only could they not work, they rebelled, their cute little eyes turning to evil scary eyes. Later in the show, a cook (King De De De's hired monster) came and fed the Waddle Dee. He fed them so much with fatty food, that some of the Waddle Dee grew King De De De sized!

Waddle Doo is commander of the Waddle Dees and can summon them at will. Because he and the Waddle Dees work for Dedede, they can be seen as Kirby's enemies, though they aren't normally used to attack him. Waddle Doo also revealed in one episode that despite commanding the Waddle Dees, he has no idea how many of them there are and simply says, "I know I got more then enough of them!"

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