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Dyna Blade is a large bird in the Kirby games. She appears as a character in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Air Ride, and the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! television series.

Dyna Blade is pictured as an enormous, armored bird with white feathers as well as rainbow-colored ones on her metal wings. She wears red armor with yellow rims and has a blue stone on her chest, and she wears a black neckplate with yellow rims around her red neck. She has a red-and-green-feathered head with yellow spiky hair on it and has blue eyes.

Game Appearances


Kirby Super Star

Cutter Kirby and Rocky fighting Dyna Blade in Kirby Super Star.

Dyna Blade appears as both a friend and a foe in Kirby Super Star (known as Kirby's Fun Pak in the UK), a collection of eight Kirby-related games originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. In her self-titled game, she is destroying all of Dream Land's crops and Kirby has to stop her. She is a major boss that Kirby fights, and the only one in that game (the rest of the bosses Kirby fights are actually the mini-bosses themselves). Interestingly, the only reason why Dyna Blade was ruining the crops was because she wanted to feed her chicks. So Kirby made her happy by feeding them and teaching them flying lessons. For doing so, Dyna Blade helps Kirby get back on the Halberd only to be shot down by the ship's crew in the Revenge of Meta-Knight game. Dyna Blade is also one of the random bosses in The Arena.

Kirby Air Ride


In the Nintendo GameCube racing game Kirby Air Ride, Dyna Blade appears as a part of one of the events in the City Trial mode. She is virtually indestructible all over her body except for her head, which, as in Kirby Super Star, is her only weak spot. Kirby can run into her head to steal power-ups and get a check on the City Trial checklist. Another check on that same checklist can also be earned by allowing Kirby to get trampled on by Dyna Blade. On rare occasions Kirby can get an all-up power-up from her. Although Dyna Blade is apparently female, she is referred to as a "him" in the message "The Mystery Bird Dyna Blade appeared! Aim for his head!"

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Dyna Blade's animated appearance.

Dyna Blade also appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. According to Professor Curio, Dyna Blade is a legendary bird with metal wings, a steely beak, and claws as sharp as swords. Her appearance is simaller to that of the Pokemon Ho-oh. Cappies have been worshipping her like a god for many years. She appears only once every 100 years to lay and hatch her egg. Her feathers are said to be so powerful that they can give anyone who touches them quite a shock. She attacks her enemies by blowing strong gusts of wind at them and/or smacking them with her wings. She is also capable of pecking them, swallowing them with her beak, or grabbing them with her claws; she is also capable of dive-bombing them, leaving behind a very strong wind. Dyna Blade poses a major threat even to Star Warriors, so you should never mess with her chick unless you want her to come at you with the way she attacks her enemies. At first, she thought Kirby ate the chick that was in her egg, but when she found her baby hidden by King Dedede (who tried to eat it in another episode), she forgave Kirby for the misunderstanding.

Dyna Blade has the distinction of being one of the very few characters in the anime represented completely by CGI, rather than switching between CGI and traditional animation. Her CG model is also not toon-shaded to match the hand-drawn animation like the other characters, giving her an other-worldy appearance.

Dyna Blade's Chick in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Dyna Blade cares for her baby chick very much, even though he always goes around getting himself into trouble. She is very protective of him, and will do everything it takes for her to keep him safe. Dyna Blade's chick is known as Dyna Baby in the Japanese version.

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