Dragon Quest/Castle Tantegel

Starting the game


Start your adventure by selecting the "Begin A New Quest" option. Next, choose the Adventure Log it will be stored in. There are three Adventure Logs, so three Warriors can store their quests in the Game Pak. After this, enter the name by which you will be known in Alefgard by moving the cursor over the letter chart. After starting a game, you begin in Castle Tantagel. Speak to the king and guards before you leave the castle.

King Lorik

File:DW1 Map ThroneRoom.png
Speak with King Lorik.

Tales of your arrival have preceded you to the throne and the King has been waiting anxiously. The old prophecies seem to be coming true! In his regal presence you listen closely to each word, for the King's many years have bred great wisdom. The Kingdom is in desperate trouble, ravaged by werewolves and dragons. Until your arrival there was no hope. Then the King tells you about the Ball of Light, an ancient artifact with the power to radiate peace over the land. Now the Ball of Light grows ever dimmer in the shadows of the Dragonlord's keep.

File:DW1 Snap TakeGold.png
Check all of the chests.

Only by recovering the precious globe can you save Alefgard, even though you are a stranger to this land and ill-equipped for the task. Seeing this, the King offers you gifts to get you started.

The gifts presented to you by King Lorik are the Torch, a Magic Key, and 120 Gold. The key is used almost immediately in opening the door (and trains you in using items), the gold is used to purchase items from the nearby town, and the torch will be used when you enter your first dungeon.

Lorik's guards


After you have spoken with the King, the Palace Guards can tell you more. To speak to them, stand before one or the other and press A to bring up the Command Window. Then select Talk with the arrow and push A again. Now the guard will tell you what he knows.

To leave the throne room, unlock the door by using the magic key, then head towards the stairs. While standing directly on the stairs, open the Command Window, and select STAIRS. The use of stairs is automatic in the Dragon Warrior I & II release.

The castle

File:DW1 Map Tantegel.png

Much of the information you need is gathered from the citizens of this kingdom. Although the legends are old, many contain a seed of truth. Remember their words by writing down who the speaker was and what town he was in, and keep all your clues together in a notebook for easy access because you may need them later to solve a puzzle. If a message seems mysterious, it probably means that it is important. Compare messages to see if they might be connected.

The old man

File:DW1 Snap Magic.png
This man restores your magic

Once you reach level 3 and earn the spell of Heal, there's no reason to visit the Brecconary Town Inn any more. You can save 6 gold pieces by visiting this man to the right of the castle entrance. He will chant a prayer that will restore 100% of your magic points. Now you can cast Heal until your hit points are full, and talk to the man once more to reclaim the used MP.

Keys and doors


Many doors throughout the Kingdom have been securely locked. While there is a magic key shop within the castle, you need to already have such a key before you can reach it. As such, you will hear tales of a city far to the south east, the city of Rimuldar, that will contain the first magic key. The journey there will be filled with danger, but you will be at the mid-point of the game once you get there.