Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Characters

Miles Edgeworth


The character you control in this game, Edgeworth is a prosecutor who strives for the truth. He is very intelligent and has very intimidating tactics of interrogation. He tends to be a little of a perfectionist. Due to an incident in his childhood he has a deep fear of earthquakes and elevators.

Dick Gumshoe


Dick Gumshoe will help you in the cases of this game. He tends to be very dimwitted and forgetful. Phoenix Wright fans should be able to remember him.

Franziska von Karma

File:PW Franziska.png

Franziska is the daughter of the feared Manfred von Karma. Like her father, she aims for one thing in her family's life, perfection. She is working with the Interpol on investigating about an international smuggling ring.

Kay Faraday

File:AAIME Kay Faraday.png

A peppy teenager who claims to be the Great Thief Yatagarasu. She met Edgeworth during a case seven years ago.

Shi-Long Lang

File:PW Shi-Long Lang.png

An Interpol agent from the Republic of Zheng Fa. He has a strong hatred for prosecutors and the courtroom. He looks after his men really well. Often quotes Lang Zi.


File:PW Shih-na.png

Shi-Long Lang's assistant. She keeps scrolls of Lang Zi quotes as well as information regarding the cases Lang is investigating.

Calisto Yew

File:PW Calisto Yew.png

The defense attorney for a trial seven years ago. She tends to break down into a fit of laughter from the mildest things, like Edgeworth's serious attitude.

Tyrell Badd

File:PW Tyrell Badd.png

A seasoned detective who investigated the Yatagarasu. He is an acquaintance of Byrne Faraday and has worked with him in a lot of cases.


File:AAIME Yatagarasu.png

A mysterious thief that steals information of corrupt dealings and makes them public.