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Fryguy is an enemy character that appears in Super Mario Bros. 2. Fryguy is essentially a giant living fireball that spews smaller fireballs when it is angry. Fryguy only appears once in Super Mario Bros. 2 at the very end of World 4 - which, ironically, consists of ice, snow, and cold seas. According to the original SMB2 game manual, "Wart gave life to this entity which is created from fire. He spits fireballs when he is mad." [1]

File:Fryguy 1.png
Luigi avoiding Fryguy as he spews out deadly fireballs.
File:Fryguy minis.png
After taking some hits, Fryguy has split into miniature versions of himself.

Fryguy, along with Mouser, Tryclyde, and Clawgrip, is one of the boss characters that appear at the end of each world in Super Mario Bros. 2. Fryguy lives inside a very tall castle-type fortress, waiting for the arrival of Mario and his friends. Fryguy cannot be touched safely and must be hit three times with a mushroom block; after that, he splits into several miniature versions of himself which also must be destroyed in order to finish him off.

Fryguy appears on the enhanced Super Mario Bros. 2 game in Super Mario Advance. The background of the room in which he is fought looks different, and his sprite is also somewhat modified. When his chamber is entered, Fryguy is created when bubbles rise up to a mask. He says, "I'm too hot to touch!"

Fryguy was also a semi-regular on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, where he worked for Bowser. He also appeared occasionally in the Nintendo Comics System Mario comic stories, which revealed that there was more than one of him. According to the comics, Fryguys are made by exposing Toads to fire or lava. In one episode, "Duh Stoopid Bomb," one of Bowser's inventions makes a Snifit a genius. The Snifit takes over the fortress and drops Bowser into the Fryguy kindergarten. Additionally, in the Super Mario Bros. movie, the firespitting weaponry used by King Koopa's troops are referred to as "FRY GUY flamethrowers".

Also, in Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Fry Guys (or a very similar lookalike) appear on the Bowser Castle court randomly. They fry the characters and make them run around almost uncontrolably, dropping the ball if they have it.

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