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Wiggler (ハナチャン, Hanachan, Hanachan) is the caterpillar-like creature in the Mario series of games. It made its first appearance in Super Mario World, where it first displayed its trademark characteristic of becoming red and enraged when jumped on. It usually has a yellow color, with red eyespots dotting its body and a comically large nose. When it's calm, it wears a flower on its head. However, when it becomes angry its eyes become white and enraged, it may lose its flower, and its body becomes red. Later, it appeared in various other Mario titles, including Super Mario 64, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 64 DS. Wiggler underwent some major changes in Super Mario Sunshine where it multiplied its size tenfold and turned its body green, though since it is set in a place separate to the Mushroom Kingdom it is likely it is the native Wiggler. A flying Wiggler is known as Flutter. To date, Wigglers have never been seen in a pupa or cocoon (silk) stage, so it is a mystery how they transform from juveniles to adults.

Classic Wiggler

Wigglers were seen occasionally in the animated series that spun off of the game. However, on the show, they were called "Caterpillars", and were always drawn like they had already been stomped.

A large Wiggler frequently appears in Mario games. This is possibly one of Bowser's higher ranking minions and is most commonly a boss (eg. in Super Mario 64). However, the giant Wiggler in New Super Mario Bros. is not an enemy.

Notable Game Appearances edit

Super Mario World edit

Wigglers first appeared in Super Mario World on the SNES. Much as in later appearances, Mario's jumping on them only makes them angry (and removes the flower growing from the head-area). A Koopa shell or thrown/kicked Goomba is sufficient to deal with an angry Wiggler. It should be noted that Wiggler is one of the few enemies in Super Mario World that can kill the player even if they are riding Yoshi(considered a power-up).

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island edit

In level 4-1, "Go! Go! Mario!!", the final stretch contains many flying Wigglers. If jumped on they will turn red and give chase, much like the 'juvenile' Wigglers.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars edit

Wigglers are found in the Forest Maze level. If Mario jumps on them, he gets a coin. After several consecutive jumps without landing, Mario receives a Frog Coin.

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS edit

A Wiggler resides on Tiny-Huge Island, where it is featured as a boss. In order to reach it, Mario has to perform a ground pound on the mountain's caldera, causing it to cave in and drain the water into the crater. Mario must then switch sizes, rescale the mountain, and fall through the crater. Wiggler will be visibly upset that the roof in its lair has caved in, and will attempt to run down Mario. After Wiggler is defeated, it shrinks and disappears through the floor. This was thought as a "glitch". In the Nintendo DS version, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi can also encounter it, and when stomped on twice, it turns red; a characteristic missing in the original Nintendo 64 version.

Yoshi's Story edit

On a few forest levels, Wiggler can be seen walking by. Unlike in other portrayals, this Wiggler is fuzzy and green. If the player jumps on his head or one of his sections, they will turn purple. Once they all become purple, he will disappear, section by section.

Super Mario Sunshine edit

A giant green Wiggler is a boss in Episode 3 of Gelato Beach, after being knocked off its resting spot on a tower in Episode 2. It attacks by stomping angrily all over the level, running so fast that it is almost impossible to dodge in it head-on. It transforms into sand immediately after being defeated.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! edit

Wiggler Bus.

A green metro/bus that closely resembles Wiggler from Super Mario Sunshine, known as the Wiggler Train, appears as moving obstacle on the "Mushroom Bridge" and "Mushroom City" racing tracks. However, this was removed in Mario Kart DS.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga edit

Wiggler appears as a boss in the Chuckola Cola chapter. Players fight it during the quest for the Chuckola Fruits.

Mario Power Tennis edit

Wiggler is an unlockable character in this game. It is a defensive type, like Waluigi, since it is very tall. For its power shot, it turns red with anger and whacks the ball with brute strength. Its defense power shot allows it to fly. With its temporary wings, it flies to get the ball. An interesting note is that this Wiggler stands up on its hind legs and has a set of hands much like the flying Wigglers.

Mario Kart DS edit

Wiggler appears as a boss in the unlockable seventh mission set. Players must race it on Mushroom Bridge, and each lap it gets faster. The first lap it is "calm," the second lap it has steam rising from its head, and the third and final lap it is angry and red. However, this game does not contain the Wiggler Bus from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, even though it is the same track.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time edit

A Swiggler appears as the first boss, a Shroob (alien) variant of the Wiggler. The Swiggler regularly drinks glasses of vim (energy) drained from the Mushroom Kingdom's Toad population. The Swiggler attacks by extending tubes from its hind-gut which plug into Shroob saucers flying overhead, which then use the Swiggler's supply of vim to shoot beams of energy at Mario, Luigi, and their baby counterparts. Attacking a Shroob with a Poison Mushroom will cause it to drop the mushroom into the vim, therefore when the Swiggler drinks it, it will get sick and unable to attack as well as making him vulnerable,thus giving players the chance to unleash their attacks.

Super Princess Peach edit

Wiggler appears as the boss of Fury Volcano. It is defeated in a similar way to Super Mario Sunshine; by stomping spring-like pegs to flip it over, then attacking the weak spot. It, like most of the game's bosses, guards a Toad.

New Super Mario Bros. edit

World 4-4 prominately features Wigglers. World 7-3 begins in an area containing two Wigglers and a pipe. The pipe drops the player onto a giant Wiggler, whose back is the setting for almost the entire rest of the level. World 7-A contains many baby Wigglers, known as Squigglers. If the flying Wigglers from Yoshi's Island are to be considered the mature form, it's possible Wigglers have more than one juvenile stage.

Tetris Attack edit

Wiggler appears as a flying wiggler with Eggo Dill as a team of enemies to battle and rescue.

Super Mario Galaxy edit

Mario is seen fighting classic yellow Wigglers on a wooden pole type planetiod in the latest trailer for Super Mario Galaxy. When Mario ground pounds near the Wiggler, it flips over on its backside.

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