Mario franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Cataquack

Cataquacks are creatures from the game Super Mario Sunshine.

They appear at Gelato Beach where they are an irritating pest. Once spotted, they follow you around until they throw you high into the air. A fun way to beat them is to lure one, and then run to a tree and quickly climb in it. The cataquack will slam headfirst into the tree and will immediately be capsized. Only the red cataquacks damage you. If you lure a Cataquack to a sand bud and capsize it followed by your watering of the sand bud, it will fly into the air, and die landing on it's back (It turns to sand upon impact).

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the Cataquacks are obstacles in the Peach Beach course and they'll flip you in the air. They can be capsized by a powerful weapon.

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