Mario franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Cheep-Cheep

Cheep-Cheeps are fish-like enemies in the Mario franchise, first appearing in Super Mario Bros.. They are aquatic creatures that leap out of the water to attack Mario. The Cheep-Cheeps appeared in 2-3, 7-3, and a part in 8-4 (Bowser's Castle). To defeat a Cheep-Cheep on these levels, the player must simply jump on it and the player will gain 100 points. The Cheep-Cheeps were also found along with the Bloober jellyfish characters in the underwater levels 2-2 and 7-2, as well as the minus worlds and a part in 5-2. In these cases, they were immune to jumping attacks, but still vulnerable to fireballs.

One Cheep-Cheep, Sushie, was an ally to Mario in the game Paper Mario. She could shoot water out of her mouth, splash the enemies with a tidal wave, or temporarily increase Mario's defense.

Big Bertha was a giant Cheep-Cheep mother that spit out smaller Cheep-Cheeps on Levels 3-2, 3-4, and 7-4 of Super Mario 3. Its counterpart Boss Bass could leap out of water and swallow Mario whole, killing Mario instantly regardless of power-up status. Boss Bass also appears in Super Mario 64 on one level, Tiny-Huge Island, and uses the same swallowing attack.

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