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Tryclyde (sometimes referred to as Triclyde) is an enemy character that appears in Super Mario Bros. 2. Tryclyde is a large, red serpent with three heads and the ability to breathe fire. His design is based on the hydra, a mythological creature, though his actual species in the Super Mario universe is that of a cobrat. Tryclyde serves as Wart's lackey, and was apparently an outsider before Wart took him in due to his cunning and evil nature.

Tryclyde in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
Tryclyde in the original Super Mario Bros. 2.

Though normally depicted as having a red body, his body was green with red stripes in Super Mario All-Stars. Like Mouser, Fryguy, and Clawgrip, Tryclyde waits for Mario and his friends in his lair, and can only be defeated by having large objects, such as mushroom blocks, thrown at him.

Tryclyde in Super Mario Advance.

When first confronted in Super Mario Advance, Tryclyde utters in a raspy voice, "Step right up, if you're ready to get toasted!" The voice is provided by Charles Martinet. While Tryclyde was the boss of Worlds 2-3 and 6-3 in the original Nintendo version, he was removed from the sixth world and replaced with Mouser in the Game Boy Advance remake.

Tryclyde was also a semi-regularly recurring villain in the animated series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. A member of the Koopa Pack (consisting of himself, Mouser, and Koopa Troopa), Tryclyde often went up against Princess Toadstool in battle. In his first appearance, "The Great Gladiator Gig", where he was referred to as Tryclydius, Bowser used him in an ancient Rome setting as "his champion" (gladiator, that is). Tryclyde subsequently joined the Koopa Pack and participated in several missions. He was voiced by Harvey Atkin. Like all the villains in SMB2, Tryclyde did not appear in later Mario cartoons.

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