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Gooper Blooper is a squid enemy from the Mario series who first appeared as a boss in Super Mario Sunshine. He has also appeared in Mario Power Tennis, Super Princess Peach and Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

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Gooper Blooper is an enlarged version of the enemies known as Bloopers. It has four large tenctacles on the front and four small tentacles on the side. Its skin is coloured white with blue spots. At the end of the tentacles are blue-coloured bulges, similar to suction cups. Its head is arrow-shaped, and the point of it is coloured light blue. It has a black strip across its face, where its eyes are. It can commonly be seen with a cork in its tube-like snout. Gooper Blooper also has a small resemblance to the colossal squid.



Super Mario Sunshine


Gooper Blooper is fought as a boss on three (twice in Ricco Harbor, once in Noki Bay) occasions in Super Mario Sunshine. When Mario first encounters Gooper Blooper it is inside a pile of crates with just one of its tentacles sticking out; if Mario pulls this tentacle, Gooper Blooper will engage in battle. In order to defeat Gooper Blooper Mario must pull off its tentacles, grab its snout and pull it to damage Gooper Blooper. This must be done twice to defeat it. If it's face is sprayed with water, or its snout or tentacle is pulled, it will attempt to smash Mario with its four large tentacles. When one of its tentacles is pulled off, it will eventually grow back. Its main attacks are slapping with its tentacles, and spraying the area around it with ink from its snout. After shooting out ink, its face will be smeared with black ink, which can be washed off with water.

Gooper Blooper appears in a later Ricco Harbor chapter; Mario must re-battle the giant squid using the same techniques he used against it before to defeat it. However this time, the Gooper Blooper uses a few new techniques.

Gooper Blooper surprisingly appears as a boss in the second Noki Bay chapter, it must be defeated again using the same strategy as the previous two battles.

Mario Power Tennis


Gooper Blooper appears in the mini-game Gooper Blooper Volley. Here players must hit balls wacked by Gooper Blooper onto designated squares, if the player hits an undesignated square the game ends. It is impossible for Gooper Blooper to miss a tennis ball, due to having four rackets.

Super Princess Peach


In this game Gooper Blooper is the fifth boss, here it is fought in much the same way as Super Mario Sunshine. He will throw a tentacle at Peach, who in turn must jump on it. When all tentacles are hurt, the mouth will be vulnerable. Gooper Blooper can sleep to heal itself when desperate.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3


Gooper Blooper appears on the Pirate Ship course, if players gets to close to it, it will whack them with its tentacles.



A very similar giant Blooper type squid called King Kalamari (Takotsubagessoo in Japan) appeared in the game Super Mario RPG. It is believed that King Kalamari is actually a prototype Gooper Blooper.

Another giant Blooper type squid appears in the Deep Blooper Sea gameboard of Mario Party 3.

Earlier promotional material for Super Mario Sunshine shows that Gooper Blooper was originally going to be dark blue in color.

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