Super Mario 64 DS

Main coursesEdit

The game has 15 main courses each with 8 stars that can be obtained; here they are, with the stars required to access them:

1.Bob-omb Battlefield-0 stars

2.Whomps Fortress-1 star

3.Jolly Roger Bay-3 stars

4.Cool Cool Mountain-3 stars

5.Big Boo's Haunt-15 stars

6.Hazy Maze Cave-12 stars

7.Lethal Lava Land-12 stars

8.Shifting Sand Land-12 stars

9.Dire Dire Docks-30 stars

10.Snowman's Land-31 stars

11.Wet-Dry World-31 stars

12.Tall Tall Mountain-31 stars

13.Tiny-Huge Island-31 stars

14.Tick Tock Clock-50 stars

15.Rainbow Ride-50 stars

Other coursesEdit

The game also has secret, Bowser, and character courses:

Secret coursesEdit

Sunshine Isles-1 star

The Princess' Secret Slide-1 star

The Secret Aquarium-3 stars

The Secret of Battle Fort-8 stars

Behind the Waterfall-12 stars

? switch-14 stars

The Secret Under the Moat-31 stars

Over the Rainbows-50 stars

Character coursesEdit

Goomboss Battle-8 stars

Big Boo Battle-15 stars

Chief Chilly Challenge-31 stars

Bowser coursesEdit

Bowser in the Dark World-12 stars

Bowser in the Fire Sea-31 stars

Bowser in the Sky-80 stars