The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Bosses

Here is a list of all the bosses that you'll face as you travel into the dungeons. Their weaknesses are listed as well.

File:Zelda Oracles Aquamentus.PNG


Location: Gnarled Root Dungeon
Guards: Fertile Soil
Description: A fierce, fire-spitting dragon that spears foes with its horn.
Battle Difficulty: 1/10

Aquamentus is the first and easiest boss to defeat in the game. He has only two attacks: spitting out three fireballs and trying to ram you with his horn. His fireballs can easily be dodged, and his ram attack can be avoided by running.

Aquamentus's horn is highly vulnerable. Slash away at it, and the dragon will fall in defeat.

File:Zelda Oracles Dodongo.PNG


Location: Snake's Remains
Guards: Gift of Time
Description: An armored lizard with a boiling temper and brutal strength to match.
Battle Difficulty: 2/10

Dodongo is armored with skin impervious to weapons, so he can't be harmed by a sword. He will attempt to spit a large fireball at you, or charge after you when you get close. You can easily run away from both attacks, but Dodongo is vulnerable when he opens his mouth. Toss a bomb inside his mouth, and while the beast has a little indigestion, use the Power Bracelet to pick him up, and toss him onto the pit of spikes in the middle of the room.

Follow that strategy, and Dodongo will be defeated.

File:Zelda Oracles Mothula.PNG


Location: Poison Moth's Lair
Guards: Bright Sun
Description: A poison-fanged moth that divebombs its prey with flaming breath and agile swoops.
Battle Difficulty: 5/10

Mothula is a rather tricky boss, because it is much more difficult to defeat than the bosses before it. Mothula circles around the room, shooting fireballs at you as it flies. It may also spawn Baby Mothula to protect itself. They can be destroyed quickly. After a while, Mothula will get tired and settle on one of the two platforms in the middle of the room, vulnerable to attack. If Mothula flashes red, it will spawn four spinning fireballs around itself, and several Baby Mothula if it flashes blue. Use Roc's Feather to jump across the two platforms and dodge Mothula's attacks. If you falls through the gap in the floor, Mothula will fully recover his energy and the battle will restart.

File:Zelda Oracles Gohma.PNG


Location: Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Guards: Soothing Rain
Description: A devious spider with a vicious appetite, pincing claws, and hungry offspring.
Battle Difficulty: 4.5/10

Gohma is a large spider that has a huge pincer claw and an appetite for heroes in green. She will attack with her claw, and attempt to grab you and smash you into the floor. Her claw can be severed with multiple sword strikes, leaving her eye exposed. Then, she will spawn Gohma Larva, her babies, to attack you. They can be defeated with one sword strike. As she releases her larva, Gohma will open and close her eye periodically. When her eye is open, use the Slingshot and fire Scent Seeds into it.

After she gets hit enough times, Gohma and her babies will surrender.

File:Zelda Oracles Digdogger.PNG
File:Zelda Oracles Mini-Dogger.PNG


Location: Unicorn's Cave
Guards: Nurturing Warmth
Description: An armored, leaping monster with a steel sheel impossible to crack with a sword.
Battle Difficulty: 6/10

Digdogger is completely impervious to every weapon you have, and he is very evasive. He will jump around, and give you a wallop each time he lands on you. However, there is a large spiked ball in the room, which you can pull down and move with the Magnetic Gloves. Use the gloves to knock the ball into Digdogger, and he'll sustain damage.

After enough hits, Digdogger will separate into several Mini-Doggers. Defeat them all with the spiked ball before they can recombine to win the battle.

File:Zelda Oracles Manhandla.PNG


Location: Ancient Ruins
Guards: Blowing Wind
Description: A carnivorous plant with four sharp-toothed, fire-spiting flowers.
Battle Difficulty: 6.5/10

Manhandala is a tricky boss, because of both its movement and the shifting floor. Its flowers will shoot out fireballs whenever they open their mouths, aiming at you. Try to get on solid ground, and fire your Magical Boomerang at the flowers when they open their mouths to damage and destroy them. As each flower is destroyed, Manhandla will get progressively faster, making it harder to land a hit.

When Manhandla has lost all its flowers, it will start skittering around the room in a figure-eight pattern. Try to hit it with the Magical Boomerang and stun it, then land several more hits at once with it, and Mandhandla's core will be revealed. Slash it, and the plant will shrivel up for good.

File:Zelda Oracles Gleeok.PNG
File:Zelda Oracles Gleeok Skeleton.PNG


Location: Explorer's Crypt
Guards: Seed of Life
Description: An ancient, two-headed dragon that was revived with dark magic.
Battle Difficulty: 7.5/10

Gleeok proves to be one of the hardest bosses in the game. He has three fireball-based attacks:

  • 1: Sprays many fireballs at you
  • 2: Shoots a fireball that separates into six smaller ones
  • 3: Creates a fireball ring around you

Make sure to avoid the spikes in the room while you fight Gleeok. Use the Roc's Cape to jump over Gleeok's numerous fireballs, and attack each of the dragon's heads. After one is severed, hurry and attack the other, because the severed head will fly around the room, attacking you.

When both heads are severed, the dragon will die, but the dark magic it embodies will animate its skeleton. The skeleton will stomp the ground, stunning you if you're not using the Roc's Cape, and then charge at you. Attack it with your sword, and you'll soon turn Gleeok to dust.

File:Zelda Oracles Medusa Head.PNG

Medusa Head

Location: Sword and Shield Maze
Guards: Changing Seasons
Description: An evil, mythical creature with a gaze that turns all to stone.
Battle Difficulty: 8/10

Medusa Head is a very formidable boss, because it has several powerful attacks. It shoots out red fireballs at you, fires lasers out of its eyes, and turns you to stone with its spinning blue fireballs. Try to attack it with your sword before it dissapears. If you get turned to stone, you'll be frozen for a few seconds.

If you can dodge Medusa Head's merciless attacks, you'll defeat the snake-haired savage once and for all.

File:Zelda Oracles Onox.PNG

General Onox

Location: Onox's Castle
Guards: Din
Description: An extremely powerful master of darkness and destruction. He can turn peace to ruins with a mere thought.
Battle Difficulty: 6.5/10

Onox is the final boss in the game, and is invulnerable to regular sword strikes. He will spin his mace around, trying to land a hit. Have Roc's Cape ready and dodge his attacks. Onox can cause rocks to fall from the ceiling, and summon hordes of tornadoes to blow you away. The only way to defeat him is with several spin attacks to his body.

After he takes enough damage, Onox will summon Din as a shield. Din will hover around Onox, and you must use the Rod of Seasons to knock her away, or you'll will be electrocuted when you attack Onox. Din will always drift back to Onox after a while, so hurry and clobber the general before he can make use of her again. However, the battle isn't over yet...

File:Zelda Oracles Dark Dragon.PNG

Dark Dragon

Location: Onox's Castle
Guards: Din
Description: The true form of General Onox. He desires to make Holodrum into a chaotic wasteland.
Battle Difficulty: 9/10

Onox will assume his true form, Dark Dragon, after taking a pounding. In this state, his is capable of shooting huge fireballs that must be jumped over with the Roc's Cape, and shooting dark balls of energy in all directions. He'll also try to swipe and crush you with his claws.

The only way to defeat Dark Dragon is to wait for his crush attack and dodge it, then hop on his claw with the Roc's Cape, and then charge up a spin attack. After that, jump over and slash the crystal on his chest. Do this enough times, and you'll slay the evil dragon.

If you are playing a Linked Game, then the adventure continues to these bosses.

File:Zelda Oracles Kotake Koume.PNG

Kotake and Koume

Location: Room of Rites
Guards: Zelda
Description: Evil twin witches who have both gained much experience and power over time.
Battle Difficulty: 5.5/10

Kotake and Koume are not difficult to beat. Head for a corner in the room, and wait for the sisters to fly by and attack. Kotake shoots ice attacks, while Koume shoots fire attacks. You can deflect either with your sword. If the attack hits the same witch who cast it, they'll be unaffected. However, if you deflect a fire attack at Kotake or ice attack at Koume and it hits, they'll take damage.

After enough hits, Kotake and Koume will combine into their super form, Twinrova.

File:Zelda Oracles Twinrova.PNG


Location: Room of Rites
Guards: Zelda
Description: The augmented form of Kotake and Koume. Twinrova is capable of ultimate spells, sorcery, and chaos.
Battle Difficulty: 8.5/10

Twinrova is much harder to beat than Kotake and Koume. She will alter the battlefield from fire to ice as she demonstrates her powers.

On the fire battlefield, Twinrova will unleash swarms of Fire Keese and shoot fireballs at you. Watch out for the lava as well.

On the ice battlefield, Twinrova will send spiked balls of ice of at you. If you don't have the Snowshoe Ring equipped, be careful on the ice.

Twinrova is vulnerable to Scent Seed attacks in fire form and Ember Seed attacks in ice form from the Hyper Slingshot and spin attacks from your sword. When Twinrova is on the verge of defeat, she will face you and fire off both fire and ice attacks at once. Be very careful at that point.

When you strike her down enough, she will sacrifice herself and revive your ultimate foe...

File:Zelda Oracles Ganon.PNG


Location: Room of Rites
Guards: Zelda
Description: The ultimate King of Evil. Ganon holds the Triforce of Power, making him an epitome of ultimate and unlimited strength.
Battle Difficulty: 10/10

Ganon is by far, the toughest and true final boss of the game. Make sure you have Roc's Cape and your sword equipped. Ganon will frequently warp around the room, unleashing a melee of attacks:

  • When he tries to strike you with his spear, jump to dodge his slashes.
  • When he shoots off 1 energy ball, or 3 energy balls at once, you can also dodge them by jumping.
  • When he fires a 4-way attack, watch out! Each ball will split into 3 smaller ones! Jump over these as well.
  • When starts charging up energy, he will try to stun you with a jump attack.

Jump right before he lands it, and dodge the huge energy ball he fires.

  • When Ganon is near defeat, he will change the room, and your controls will be reversed. Be VERY careful to avoid confusion.

The only way to defeat Ganon is to charge up a spin attack and strike Ganon before he warps. You must avoid his attacks to deliver effective hits. Only the Master Sword can harm Ganon without using spin attacks.

After many hits, Ganon will be defeated once more, you'll truly finish the game, learn the Hero's Secret, earn the File:Zelda Oracles Ring 55.png Victory Ring, and see the final ending.